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Animation programs
Day and evening entertainment programs according to hotel facilities....


Dancing shows
Shows performed by  professional dancers


Work with us
Do you like to entertain people? And do you want to have FUN as much as working?




Creating attractive entertainment solutions

NewTime Entertainment helps hotels to organise their day and evening entertainment. By delivering animation groups that are prepared, dedicated, creative and always co-operative. And by delivering dancing shows that are professional, pleasant and attractive on stage.
Animation has so far mostly been centered at the largest hotels. Therefore the concept we are working at is to give all hotels a possibility to offer their guests full day and evening programs in order to have a better attraction.
We offer hotels the possibility to choose between different kind of day and evening programs.
NewTime Entertainment started with hotel animation from summer 1999. We are cooperating with luxury hotels in Greece and Cyprus as well offering ready soft or team animation programs.
The year after we added up with external dancing shows for the evening programs, for hotels that already has ready animation teams or only want to offer evening events to their guests. With different style of spectacular shows such as Cabaret Show,Fire Show and many more..... All our members have many years of experience through Europe as well different nationality backgrounds.

We believe that our programs raises the level of the hotel service, therefore gives greater satisfaction and pleasure to hotel guests. And higher profit for the hotel.
From the summer 2005 NewTime Entertainment also offers a wide selection of all necessary animation equipment for the hotels. From sports equipment, like balls, rackets, nets etc. to stage equipment, like costumes, wigs, accessories and make up.
We would be glad to work with you!




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